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Monthly message

To be or not to be!’

Dear Friends,

From the moment we are old enough, we begin to make choices for the rest of our lives. As soon as we got up this morning we had to make choices, for example, ‘What shall I wear?’ What shall I eat for breakfast?. Some choices are simple ones, and part of life’s routine. Others are very complicated. Some are not very threatening, but others are life-influencing or life changing choices. I sometimes think it would be lovely not to have to make any choices at all in life, to be able to sit on the fence. A bit like the person who said when asked ‘Do you have difficulty in making decisions? Replied ‘Well, yes and no!’ How often have we found ourselves at a crossroads, perhaps in an unfamiliar region of the country, or abroad, and we simply have not known which way to go. If we make the wrong decision, we could end up miles and miles out of our way. We look for sign posts or landmarks, but there are none. We simply have to make a choice and hope it is the right one.

There is of course sometimes when we have a bit of time to consider a choice, a bit of space to drag our feet a little. Adrian Plas, that amusing Christian who has helped new converts with his often humorous writings, has written a poem entitled ‘ I’ll say Amen tomorrow.’ He wants to say ‘Yes, so be it to God.’ But he wants to be able to put it off a bit. Isn’t this an illustration of us, all at times? The early disciples when they heard the call of Jesus to follow Him, had to make a choice. They were the first of millions of people who responded positively to Jesus’ call to follow Him. Everyone who hears his voice is faced with two choices, whether to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the Saviour. When I was learning to drive, many years ago now, I was told, ‘Indecisiveness on the road kills’. I have tried never to be indecisive in my driving since, though there could well be many other words to use to describe my driving! Are we indecisive in answering Jesus’ call to us in our everyday lives? In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stands a headquarters to the ‘Procrastinators’ Club, which exists to promote the art of putting off until tomorrow what we should really be doing today. Those who excel in this fine art of procrastination are held up by the club as shining examples. They have a regular publication, which is called ‘Last Months Newsletter.’ It is all a bit of fun, but we must remember some decision making is very serious indeed. To follow Jesus is a choice which involves dying to a previous way of life and being raised in a new exciting way. Often choices which spell death to us, spell life to God, as He seeks a completely new way. Choosing obedience to God is no easy option, because obedience means we can no longer simply please ourselves and our own comforts always. Obedience can spell discomfort and sacrifice. Jesus, chose obedience, which meant the Cross. He calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. It is not a fashionable choice. The narrow gate is just as narrow as ever today. However Jesus still calls us today to make the biggest choice of our lives. He says ‘Choose me, Choose life’. Are you ready to make a decision?

God Bless, Julian